3 Steps to Choose Your Right Road Marking Machine

Are There Too Many Road Marking Equipments to Choose From? Now Don't Worry, It Needs Only 3 Steps!!

1. Area type you will work

city streets pavement marking


2. Which paint do you use?

Which road marking paint do you use


3. Construction Efficiency

Road Marking Construction Efficiency


We are Your Road Marking Specialists

Manufacturing and Trading Combo for Road Marking Machines, Government Agencies Golden Supplier since 2011

Production Management

Semifinished product road marking machine Winfar Traffic1



Case study

Winfar Transport Road Marking Machine Case Study


Winfar Transport Team

Team of Winfar Transport Road Marking Machine


Safety first principle

Special structure design to ensure the safety of construction workers

More durable

High quality material to make the machine more durable in the overloads of the construction


Continued product development based on customer feedback to make our equipment operate more conveniently

Higher cost-efficiency

Our products may not be the lowest in price, but I promise that our prices definitely matches its quality.

More professional

Leading manufacturer of road marking machines in China, local partner worldwide

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